The Basic Rules

1. rule1.jpg (3978 bytes) The game is played by 2 teams of 1, 2, 3 or 4 players.

Teams of 1 or 2 players use 3 boules per player. Teams of 3 or 4 use 2 boules per player.

2. rule2.jpg (1898 bytes) Toss a coin to choose which team will start.
A player on this team chooses the starting point by drawing a circle of about 20 inches  (50cm) in diameter.
3. rule3.jpg (2602 bytes) This player tosses the little target ball between 18 and 30 ft ( 6 to 10 meter ) away, but not closer than 20" (50cm) from any obstacle.
The thrower's feet must stay inside the circle until the jack has reached the ground.
4. rule4.jpg (1487 bytes) Any player from this team then throws the first boule, trying to place it as close as possible to the target ball.
Again, both feet must remain inside the circle when throwing.
5. rule5.jpg (1794 bytes) A player of the second team comes into the circle and tries to throw a boule even closer to the target ball.
Or knocks away the first team's leading boule.
The boule nearest to the target ball leads.
6. rule6.jpg (1668 bytes) It's up to the team not leading to throw until they get a leading boule. Then it's up to the other team again.
When a team has no boules left the other team throws their remaining boules and tries to place them as close as possible to the target ball.
7. score-example.jpg (7525 bytes) When neither team has any boules left the points are counted.
Only the leading team scores: as many points as it has boules that are closer to the target than the best one of the losing team.

In the example on the left, the "blue" team has 3 boules closer to the target ball than the nearest boule from the "green" team, and thus gets 3 points.
8. rule8.jpg (1773 bytes) An "end" is over when each team has thrown all its boules. The winning team starts a new end, by drawing a circle where the previous end finished, and tossing the target ball again.
The game continues until one of the teams has accumulated 13 points.



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